Parking in Prague

In the center of Prague, public parking is regulated by Paid parking zones (PPZ) in order to protect residents living in the city parts of town with a lot of traffic and to motivate visitors to avoid these parts of town and park in said zones only for period of time they really need.

1. Blue zones - parking for residents

Blue zones, which are marked with a blue line (vertical and horizontal signs) are designated for residents. Only residents with a valid parking permit and abonents may park on the blue zones. Non-residents are not allowed to park in blue zones.

2. Purple zones - mixed parking for residents and visitors

Purple zones are marked with a discontinuous white line and a traffic sign with a purple stripe is meant for so called mixed parking. Owners of a valid parking permit may use the purple zone without limitations. Others may use it for a maximum of 24 hours and only after paying and using the parking ticket machine. 

3. Orange zones - parking for visitors

Orange zones are marked with a discontinuous white line and a traffic sign with an orange stripe is designated for so called short time parking. All users may park on the orange zones for a maximum of 3 hours and only after paying and using the parking ticket machine. 

Public parking payment

Parking tickets can be paid for using either the parking ticket machine (payment can be done by card or cash: CZK/EUR). Customers will be identified using the license plate number of their vehicle. Inspection of parking permits will be conducted automatically using a monitoring system. That way there is no need to display the parking ticket or the permit behind the windshield of the vehicle.