Bus station

Main Bus Station Florenc

The main bus station Florenc ( Central bus station Florenc ) is the largest and best known Prague and Czech bus station. It is located east of the locality called Florenc, the transport area of the upper part of the station belongs to the cadastral area of Prague 1 Nové Město, the lower part and the building with an old terminal belong to Karlín in Prague 8. The old terminal building with the former main entrance is located at Křižíkova Street, the bus entrance is from the intersection of street Malého and Prvního pluku.



+420 221 895 111

Basic information

Main bus station Florenc operates one terminal. It is located directly in the city center and next to the historical part of Prague 1.

Baggage deposit: located in the public area of the  Departure Hall, tel. 221 895 447 

Smoking is not allowed inside the Main Bus station Florenc. Next to the entrances, you can find areas where smoking is permitted.

Parking –  parking zones are located next to the entrance to the Departure Hall. 

In front of the departure hall there is small shopping area with stores and restaurants. Near the building there are two supermarkets Albert and Billa.

Basic information

The Main bus station Florenc is very well situated in the city center. There is  entrance to Metro – station is named Florenc ( it is transfer station at red line and yellow line ). In front of the building there is taxi zone and tram stops.